productAutoTweeter is a light weight tweet scheduler desktop application.AutoTweeter can send automatic tweets to your twitter account.AutoTweeter’s customers ranges from people who simply start a fun service like joke-of-the-hour to the twitter marketting and product promotion agencies.You can use Autotweeter to tweet while you are away from your computer.You can send out tweets,or custom replies or follow people at a certain time interval,normally all those mass follow programs follow people at once and it raises suspicion of spamming.But using our innovative product,you can mass follow people,but automatically and slowly,so that your twitter account does not come under the spam scanner of twitter.The tweet,reply,follow request can be scheduled with a time interval.AutoTweeter will send tweets according to the time interval you have specified.In addition to scheduling tweets,Autotweeter can also send quick tweets.Autotweeter also have built in URL shortening service using

AutoTweeter is even smart enough to remember where it has stopped.It will resume service from the previously stopped point.It can even startup with windows also.AutoTweeter provides a hassle free and user friendly ‘dashboard’  interface , unlike many other automatic tweet schedulers. Everything about Autotweeter is very simple and easy to use.There is no need to even install Autotweeter, just download and start it. AutoTweeter simply works out of the box so that you can carry Autotweeter anywhere you wish on a USB drive.



> light weight and platform independent
> runs from your system tray
> automatically starts up with windows
> house keeping feature to manage multiple tweet files
> option to send unlimited tweets infinitely
> URL shortening service using
> send instant tweets using quick tweet
> queued tweet notification
> remembers the last tweeted line
> schedule tweets even with 1 minute intervals
> no installation required,runs out of the box









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Limitations of the trial version.

> URL shortening service is disabled.

> Repeat Tweets,Windows startup options are disabled.

> Reset Tweetline in housekeeping is disabled.

> Can autotweet only 10 tweets in one go.

Trial version does not expire.If you like it,consider purchasing full version.


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